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In the Northern Territory, your roof gets plenty of sunlight (no need to look out the window) so there’s a pretty good chance you’ll benefit from installing solar panels.

The technology in solar panels is constantly improving meaning better performance and higher yeilds which results in a better return for your investment. At this point in time the best time to install solar is yesterday.

Reduce your electricity bill AND your carbon footprint.

With more than a decade of experience in the design, supply and installation of solar panel systems for Darwin, Katherine, Alice Springs and beyond, we know what works.

Solar Panels installed at Ch9 Darwin Northern Territory

Solar Panels on Channel 9 Darwin, Northern Territory

Solar Panels installed at McDonalds Palmerston Northern Territory

PV Panels installed at McDonalds Casuarina, NT

Solar Panels


Whether you’re looking for residential installation or commercial solar panels, Sunoxi provides superior solar panels for home and business purposes, sourced from trusted manufacturers with well established support processes for Australian consumers.
Sunoxi has partnered with the most reputable solar PV manufacturers to offer you the best solar panel available on the international market. We’ve selected high-end PV modules from manufacturers with the best track records to ensure we supply top-quality products.

With over 12 years procuring solar panel for installation across the tope end of Australia, we know what works.

The solar panels we design with for your system have been chosen with 12 years of real world performance testing right here in the NT. We know what works and what doesn’t. 

Industry leading warranties

Our panels come with manufacturer’s warranties up to 30 years. And in the rare event you need to claim, our providers all have offices in Australia to minimise any hassle.

Efficient Solar Panels

Our PV panels are selected for their durability, high efficiency,  localised cyclonic approvals and low failure rates helping you maximise the energy generated from the sun. 

Sleek PV Panel Design

We offer solar panel that are sleek and black, with options for black framing and fixtures too.

Solar Panels we know and trust

We only choose quality products that are built to last.

Tindo Solar Darwin
Winaico- Sunoxi Energy

REC Twin peak 5

  • Product warranty – 25 Years
  • Performance warranty – 25 Years
  • Bloomberg Tier 1
  • Australian Office
  • Made in Singapore

Tindo Solar Panel Info

  • Product warranty – 25 Years
  • Performance warranty – 25 Years
  • Australian made in Adealide
  • Australian Office

Winaico Solar Panel Information

  • Product warranty – 25 Years
  • Performance warranty – 25 Years
  • Bloomberg Tier 1
  • Australian Office
  • Made in Thaiwan

Tindo Solar Panel Information sheets

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