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What is an EV Charger?

An Electric Vehicle (EV) runs on electricity instead of petrol or diesel. This electricity is stored in rechargeable battery packs. EVs can be charged using various external sources of electricity, such as wall sockets or charging stations.

The future for EVs is looking bright!

Plumetting battery costs, longer ranges, and an increase in charging stations are driving the growth of EV sales.

With the automotive industry adhering to stricter pollution standards worldwide, the oil industry is concerned about the potential impact of EVs on their business.

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EV Chargers are more popular in the NT
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E-mobility Pays Off

Driving sustainably for the future of all – this is possible with your own electric car (and EV charger). But charging your car with green electricity from your own photovoltaic system, is not only 100% clean, but it is extremely cheap.

Charging Your EV with Solar Power Makes driving More Affordable

Using solar power from your own photovoltaic system to charge an electric vehicle is not only affordable and sustainable, but also economically beneficial.

Not only does it allow for emission-free travel, but it also allows for faster payback on both your EV and the PV system investment.

Owning an EV also results in cost savings due to the ease of maintenance compared to cars with conventional combustion engines.

Drive with Your Own Solar Power

The more electricity you use from your own photovoltaic system, the faster the investment pays off. If you are using your self-generated electricity not just for heating, cooling and operating electrical appliances, but are also charging your electric car with solar power, you are increasing your self-consumption sustainably.

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Three Advantages of E-Mobility + Solar Power?

1. Cost Savings

Charging with solar from your rooftop solar panels is cheaper from day one. In fact it’s free.

2. Increased Self Consumption

If you use more of your own solar power, you save more and feed less electricity (bought back cheaply) into the grid.

3. Reduced CO2 Emissions
For a smaller ecological footprint and improved air quality (electric cars do not produce exhaust fumes)

Australia EV Chargers

We only choose quality products that are built to last.
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Winaico- Sunoxi Energy
Wall box - Sunoxi Energy Darwin

Fronius Wattpilot

  • up to 22kW
  • 6-32 Amp
  • Single or three phase
  • Product warranty 2 years
  • Connected via fronius SolarWeb app

The Fronius Wattpilot are intelligent EV chargers that use energy from your own PV system to charge your vehicle. This car charger can also seek out and charge from the grid at the lowest price.

Two Versions

The Fronius Wattpilot comes in 2 versions’

1. Go

The transportable EV charging solution for when you’re on the road.

2. Home

Permanent & fitted EV chargers for home use.

Both versions are intelligent and flexible car chargers with two different modes:

Eco Mode:

Uses a combination of surplus PV energy and grid-energy.

Next Trip Mode: 

Charges your electric car for a specific amount of kilometers using either PV surplus solar power or power from the grid at the cheapest tariffs available.

Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector

  • Single or Three phase compatible
  • 11.5kW
  • 12-48Amp Charging Current
  • 4 year warranty
  • Connected via tesla App

The Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector is the perfect solution for the home, apartment, and workplace.

Not only is it small-scale and lighter but has impressive charging capabilities, providing up to 71 km of range per hour, multiple power setting and a modern indoor/outdoor design.

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With these attributes the Gen 3 can now load-share up to 16 devices, and it does so wirelessly, so each unit doesn’t need to be hard-wired together to communicate in order to load-share anymore.


  • Upto 22kW
  • 22 Amps
  • Single or three phase compatible
  • type 1 or 2
  • connected via Wallbox App

A charged car, when you need it

With Wallbox home EV chargers, refueling your car is effortless. Schedule your charging session and your car automatically charges while you’re asleep or having dinner.

Wallbox smart car chargers make sure that charging your vehicle at home is safe, fast and will reduce electricity costs.


Access charging data via the MyWallbox app on your phone or smartwatch and use your charging insights to charge more efficiently.


It’s not just another electrical appliance, Wallbox chargers are just as beautiful as they are functional.


Benefit from low electricity prices at off-peak hours. Schedule your EV charger and save money while you sleep.


While charging with Wallbox, you’re protecting your home, your community’s electrical infrastructure and the people around you.

Fronius Wattpilot Data sheets

Tesla Home Charger 3

Smart EV Chargers with App’s

PV system integrated

Choosing a EV charger that directly integrates with your PV system has added benefits that include performance and consumption measurement.

Charge HQ adjusts the charge rate of EV chargers in real time to match excess solar production until full. See:

Charge HQ

Charge HQ operates entirely in the cloud and reduces your charging costs via smart charging from your home solar or off-peak energy.

Charge HQ

Charge HQ

Charge your EV with home solar

Charge HQ operates entirely in the cloud and reduces your charging costs via smart charging from your home solar or off-peak energy.

Tesla owners and EV drivers with supported wall chargers can be up and running in 10 minutes using our free app.

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