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How many panels do I need?

The best rule of thumb for solar in the NT is for every 1kW installed, this can equate to $100 saved per quarter. Given this, most people install a 6.6kW system which can be 18-20 panels on average.

Is a battery system worth it?

With the current NT Government battery rebates available you can get a home solar + battery system for an amazing price. Systems sizes and product do vary based on your needs and a site assessment is a must as the Australian Standards for batteries are very strict. 

Finance Options?

There are an assortment of finance options available to the home owners these day from redraw on your home loan, to green loans to vendor finance. We do recommend speaking to a professional lender for this advice. 

What's the biggest system I can have?

A single phase home with a hybrid inverter system can accommodate up to 13.2kW of rooftop solar. Three phase homes can accommodate more. These system’s are export limited but allow for greater autonomy from the grid.  

What's coming soon?

Smart homes, the internet of things and controlling what your excess solar energy can power when your not at home all from your smart phone. The future is electric and smart. 

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